Latest Thoughts, CREATIVE GLITCHES, and lessons learned by a self taught artist

About Me

Hi, I’m Christine! I got really bored during the COVID-19 pandemic, and started painting watercolors to break up some of the long stretches of time spent at home. I am passionate about the outdoors, love my dogs, and my grown children would probably do a better job at writing this “about me” section. This is where I plan to do what all the cool kids are doing, and blog here and there about my painting. I’m not going to lie, there will also be dogs once and awhile.

I was so happy to be able to give a tutorial to an amazing young lady on water droplets, but I didn’t capture the first half on video. So unfortunately, you get to start from the middle and see some of the detail work. Welcome to February!

All I wanted to do was paint some water droplets, but I just had to be extra. A one evening quickie turned into a five day project. 🙄
⭐️Quick tip – add a few drops of dish soap to your masking fluid. It’s so much easier to remove, with less damage to the paper. Also, WAIT until it’s completely dry to remove. I have torn many pieces apart because I was impatient!

How I fix my watercolor mistakes!
Here’s the process video for our #weartwednesday challenge! So. Many. Layers. I tried really hard to stay loose with this watercolor, but I definitely used my Dr PH Martins in the end. I’m such a cheater. 😆

Ojai Backcountry in Ventura County

This weekend I was long overdue for some time in the mountains. The Ojai backcountry never disappoints when I need to reset before a new work week! So of course, because it was a wonderful muddy, snowy mess, I was inspired to paint a warm beach sunset.

I recently had a birthday and was lucky enough to spend it hiking with my favorite people. I really love the fall and winter. The rich colors, the moody skies, the way that the sun isn’t trying to actively kill me….

Here’s the winter landscape that was inspired by this gorgeous hike!